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Discover more about yourself through the Gilmore Fraleigh Style Profile.

Zoom Session on Style

The Friendly Style Profile is a profiling system helps you understand how you respond in both calm and storm situations. Created by Dr Susan Gilmore and Dr Patrick Fraleigh it is a trusted and respected way for people to explore more about themselves and their behaviour, and also to consider the impact they have on others. This is particularly helpful when life is challenging and stressful, making a huge difference to teams working together. Used extensively by churches, mediators, counsellors and other professionals, it improves our understanding of one another, and therefore helps us avoid unnecessary destructive conflict. 

May 28th 9.30 – 11.30
Cost £40

Booking essential as a questionnaire has to be completed prior to the workshop. Final date for booking is May 25th.

Please email to make a booking.

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