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Peace and Quiet Days in June and July

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Friday 17th June and Saturday 30th July

Sometimes in this world we just need to slow down and look for some Peace and Quiet. We need to take the time to pause and reflect upon our role in society and our community. As the politicians of this age seem determined to take us further and further into chaos, we need to stop and reset.

The Blackley Centre are running a series of Peace and Quiet Days both before the summer holidays and then just after, starting on the 17th June.

This is your chance to join us at your own personal retreat day. Throughout the day you are free to enjoy the Centre, Chapel and grounds, a lovely environment in which to spend a day of reflection. Resources are available for you to use to create a personal retreat, appropriate for you.

The prefect place to relax, contemplate any issues that are important to you and hopefully find a path forward.

The first day is Friday 17th June followed by Saturday the 30th July.

All are welcome and to book just call 01422 646803 or email admin@blackleycentre.co.uk.

We’d love to meet you here.

Blackley Centre and Church – the perfect environment for reflection in the Peace and Quiet